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Nephrology & Hemodialysis


SVMC Dialysis Center  - a flexible , individualised and personal approach to dialysis treatment.

The Center

The Center operates primarily as an outpatient dialysis centre providing care for patients with End Stage Renal Disease who would be regarded as being stable on dialysis. SVMC also has at its disposal, all the resources to deal with vascular emergencies such as vascular access problems, placement of lines used for dialysis , initial emergency treatment of clotted accesses coming from other facilities and interventional radiology if more invasive treatment is needed. All these services are offered at SVMC as a one stop Renal and Vascular services centre. The Center is located in Building 73, Level 3 ,Dubai Health Care City and can be reached by all modes of transport.


When planning the Center we have tried to create a homely atmosphere in order to make the patients treatment and overall stay in SVMC more comfortable and enjoyable. The center is well illuminated with natural daylight. The Center consists of 8 stations including 2 Dialysis Suites which has its own toilet facilities. Each station is equipped with an electric fully adjustable bed or dialysis chair thus ensuring patient’s comfort during their dialysis session. Each dialysis station has a television that you can watch with personal headphones. Every station has screening around it in order to ensure privacy where needed. Emergency equipments and medications are readily available .

Staff Capabilities

Our Dialysis Nurses are knowledgeable  and competent about all of the various therapies offered in the unit. Our Physicians are board certified in Nephrology with years of expertise. All patients will be seen and assessed by the Nephrologist initially and an individualised dialysis prescription will be ordered. A Consultant is always on contact and standby for any emergencies at our Center.

The Machines

The Center is equipped with Artis Gambro Dialysis Machines which is capable of performing all renal haemodialysis replacement therapies. The machines offers the safety and efficiency of all important treatment modalities within the scope of renal replacement therapies such as :

  • Bicarbonate Haemodialysis
  • Ultrafiltration and Sodium Profiling / Hemocontrol
  • Isolation UF programmes
  • Online Haemodiafiltration ( HDF ) using High Flux Dialyzers
  • Air Detector / Pressure Deviation Alarms
  • Step by Step Guide on Troubleshooting

The Artis Gambro dialysis machine has an advanced dialysis fluid circuit and is capable of monitoring among others the following dialysis parameters during treatment :

  • Online Clearance Monitoring / Diascan
  • Blood Volume Management/ Hemoscan
  • Reports /Data / Faulty Issues

The machine also has one of the most advanced disinfection and cleaning programmes available, which has been validated to be user and environmentally friendly and economical. This is due to their capability for disinfecting, decalcifying and cleaning effects . It combines both heat and chemical disinfection programmes. No exposure to chemical or corrosive agents .

The Artis Physio System provides a range of modalities that reduce treatment comlications and improve patient comfort.


SVMC dialysis maximises clinician patient interaction and increases favourable outcomes through leading computer applications. Our clinical information software  «  EXALIS » is an advanced electronic treatment log system currently being planned . This system is attached to each dialysis machine and provides real time metrics and speeds documentation and workflow. It also provides quick access to a range of useful information such as dialysis prescriptions, clinical care trends and other useful datas.

Hours and Telephone Numbers

The unit runs on an allocated appointment with several time slots. We will try to give you an appointment time that meets your needs.

Operational Hours : 8 am – 8 pm, Saturday – Thursday

Dialysis Sessions : Saturday, Monday, Wednesday

                             Sunday , Tuesday,  Thursday

For Appointments or enquiries  Call : 04-3629393 or 04-3624833 or

                                              Email: to  or

                                              Book at our appointment page in our website