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Dr. Gian Marco Vezzoni

Consultant Dermatology , ( Italy ) Dermatology Department

Dr. Gian Marco Vezzoni completed his MD in Medicine and Surgery with Dermatology and Venereology Specialization, Pisa, Italy and a Master in Advanced Dermatologic Surgery, Siena, Italy. He is currently National Counselor of the Italian Society of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology (SIDCO) and scientific supervisor of Dermsurgery courses and teacher in the Advances Dermatologic Surgery Master in Siena. He has 20 years of experience in Dermatology, Dermatologic surgery, Lasers, cosmetic dermatology, Mohs surgery, wound and burn care.His interest in dermatologic oncology and surgery led him to be program chair in the 2018 International dermatologic surgery meeting in Rome and to be the charged president of the 2020 Italian dermatologic surgery national meeting.


Specialized dermatologic consultations

   Skin tumour prevention

   Dermatoscopy of nevi

   Prevention of non-melanoma skin cancers

Office-based Surgery

   Surgical removal of nevi

   Surgical removal of benign or malignant skin tumours

   Medical and surgical treatment of acne scars

   Photodynamic Therapy

   Precancerous lesion removal and skin tumour prevention

   Diagnosis of hyperandrogenism and hirsutism

Laser Surgery

    Benign skin lesion treatment

    Precancerous skin lesion treatment


    Benign skin lesion removal (ex.: warts)

    Precancerous skin lesion removal



Evaluation and treatment of aging skin

Face Rejuvenation:

 - With fractional laser

 - With ablative laser

Skin wrinkles, scars and face volume defects:

 - With botox

 - With fillers

Hand rejuvenation

Treatment of vascular, coupe rose and capillary leg lesions

Treatment of facial and body spots

Superficial, medium and deep peelings for acne, spots and face rejuvenation